Human Algorithm is a speculative algorithm suggesting human body and the awarenes on bodily experience as a possible form of algorithm.The project calls for knowing thyself through caring for oneself and others to propose a possible way of approaching information to reflect on the mediation of the algorithm in the current reality.

The presented work is the thesis book of the research foucus on how technology in the experience of information consumption through digital device mediated the perception of human. The research insights became the foundation of the speculative project, Hey Body: In Time of Counter Enquiry (2023).

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︎︎︎Human Algorithm
︎︎︎In dialogue with Marty

Behind the project, on going:
Unawared mediation from digital technology,
overlooked revelation from our own bodies.
The motivation behind the reserach started from my experience of watching clips on YouTub at double speed. The speed-up function accelerated my perception of time, consequently affect my behavioural and cognitive changes like speaking fast and becoming impatient an anxious quickly. 

At the same time I learned my counsin was having depression related to information overload and read the news about Molly Russell’s suicide.

During the investigation, the UK police discovered thousands of self-harm images served from Pinterest and Instagram to Molly on her phones. "It would not be safe to leave suicide as a conclusion. She (Molly) died from an act of self-harm while suffering from depression and the negative effects of online content," said the senior corner of north London.
My anxiety, my counsin’s depression, Molly’s death, and the information related overload and anxiety that perhaps all human beings are experiencing right now reflects our unawareness to the subtle mediation from the technology and mechanism of the current information consumption.

In the day of digitalisation, human bodies are often considred as the redundency while the digital algorithms are seen as a new age oracle. Yet physiological feedbacks like the heavy feeling around the chest are what our bodies reveals to us that indicate our current situation as a result of overloading information that algorithms trapped us into.

However, we seldom being aware of the signs reveal from our bodies, or, to be more precise on the issue, that we barely knows the intention behind our every move in the interaction with digital algorithms and what we are really responding for. 

In Dialogue with Marty

At the beginning of the research, I chatted with Marty, a PhD student at PolyU School of Design, about the idea. Marty's interest and profession in image theory helped the philosophical context-building and inspiration research.

Initially, the research focused more on speculating the 'format' of information and its influence. After the talk, I realised the relationship between humans and technology is the issue behind the curtain.

We chatted about how image technology influences the way humans see information and the world to the philosophical and ethical discussion on the mediated experience technology brings. I enjoyed the talk a lot and made the transcript into a zine-liked appendix.


Hey Body:
In Time of Counter Enquiry 

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