Hey Body:
In Time of Counter Enquiry

➂ The Exhibition

"Hey, Body" is a speculative design project that speculates human bodies become a new algorithm concept called "Human Body Enquiry", operating by the bodily experience stored in our physical flesh.

The speculative worldview and design are demonstarted in the form of exhibition in a retrospective narrative. The exhibition, Hey Body: In Time of Counter Enquiry, is set to be held in 2042 by the National Museum of Science, Arts and Technology (NMAST).

The exhibition’s key visual posters show the ‘organic’ and ‘multistable’ characteristics of human flesh and bodily experience to represent the ‘plurality’ of Human Body Enquiry in contrast to the one-direction digital computation.

UV/Ultra Oxford 105gsm

CMYK/ digital neon pink /digital silver


The womb-like swirl made up of the entangled bodies visualises the immersive and concentrated self-exploration in the process of ‘contemplation’.


The continual human bodies extending out from the centre multi-directionally represents the plural dimension of possibility our human body reveals.

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