Dall-e [prompt]
a hamster in pajama
Abby Yang is a communication designer from Taiwan. She sees design as a lens to look behind the curtain and recompose the connections in multi-disciplinary approach. Abby’s rationally emotional and emotionally rational designer makes her design approach like dissecting and shaping clay.

Her ultimate goal is to become a full-time hamster (︎︎︎).


︎ abbyyang.hi@gmail.com

︎ @a.dehamster

︎ specialised in:
editorial, identity, web, undefined 


MA  Information Design
Design Academy Eindhoven
Class 2023/24

BA  Communication Design
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2019-2023 First Class Honours 

Previously at

Design Intern/ Victionary
2023 Feb/ HK

Design Intern/ 2byWu&Chen
2022 May-Aug / TW  

Rebrand Team/ PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co.Ltd (PTeC)
2021 Aug - ‘22 May/ HK 

Design Assistant/ ENGL PolyU
2021 Sep - ‘22 May / HK

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