Hey Body:
In Time of Counter Enquiry 

② The Documentary 

“Hey, Body” is a speculative design project that speculates human bodies become a new algorithm concept called "Human Body Enquiry", operating by the bodily experience stored in our physical flesh.  

The fictional documentary, Enquiry Record, reveals the social context, “Counter Enquiry Movement”, that leds to the development of “Human Body Enquiry Technology”. 

Enquiry Record

Documentary of Counter Enquiry Movement,
late 2020s to 2030s

NMAST BOOK Published

The book consists of elastic and fleshcolor materials to reprsent the motif of human flesh. The documentary itself is as if a collective extension of human body, recording human’s counter-exploration on the possibilities of our physical bodies.

While reading the Enquiry Record of the counter enquiry movement, readers are also as if feeling their flesh and contemplating on their bodily experience to join the dialogue of the critical 2020s and 30s.   

“Counter-Enquiry Movement” refers to the series of experimental actions in the late 2020s in response to the rising human well-being issue led by the overdependence on algorithmic technology. The iconic group, Bring Back Body (bbb) advocates bringing back the importance and presence of our physical bodies in every thought and action.

“Human body is the foundation of technology”. By seeing human flesh as the counter-balance to digital computation, the spirit of ‘counter’ led to the development of Human Body Enquiry to re-examine the human-technology relationship with the digital algorithm and the meditation it shapes.
In 2028, the "Node-n-Thread experiment" was the iconic move of bbb Lab that brought a breakthrough to the issue of the losing balance between humans and algorithmic technology. The discovery of "nodes" and "threads" revealed the human body's potential as a counterbalance to the digital algorithm. Furthermore, the experiment raised public awareness of the subject matter and brought more voices to the discussion and exploration. 

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