Corners is a co-created community research project based in Hong Kong old communities. We aim to explore the charm hidden in the mundanity in every corner of streets to reconnect the new and old communities.

Role: art direction, campaign identity, web design

What would your community be like if it’s a collage?

Speaking of local community to the foreigners, the enclosed and vernacular atmosphere somehow keep the visitors away. However, as distant and out-of-placed the foreigners may seem to the community, the footprints of the visitors are also one of the puzzles to the whole picture of a community.

Similar to the nature of collage, the image of a community consists of the personal and collective expereince of whether the local residents or visitors. The stories took place at the stage of the community become the medium of the urban collage, capturing the dynamic and diverse possibility of a community.

Through the CORNERS project, we aim to encourage people from different community to join the intercultural dialogue via the daily observation of the urban stories we participated in and street corners we walked by everyday.


© Identity design by Abby Yang

Corners Archive

Let’s connect the stories through urban collage!

The CORNERS project consists of online and offline activities. In the online campaign, people could access to the project website, CORNERS: ARCHIVE, to create the urban collage with the photos they collected from the daily life to create the community collage through their perspective.

The photos from the project collective online object archive gathered the records taken by the participants, which is also one of resources for the participants to explore diverse side of different communities through the creation.

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